The 3 Biggest Differences Between Professional In-Home Facials & Spa Facials

3 Biggest Differences Between Professional In-Home Facials & Spa Facials

Spa facials, often associated with locker rooms and cucumber water, are likely not a new concept to you. However, the idea of a professional in-home facial may be. We’ve broken down the three biggest differences between in-home facials and spa facials to give you an idea of which experience is right for you.


The Pre-Facial Experience


A traditional spa facial often entails checking into the spa, changing in a locker room, then waiting to be taken to the treatment room. While both types of facials do require appointments, arriving to your in-home facial on time is often a much easier task. Instead of putting the pressure on the client to show up to a spa at a specific time, and subsequently making a relaxing experience into a stressful one, we send a professional esthetician straight to your doorstep, equipped with a massage table, changing robe, and multitude of skincare products ready for any skin type they may encounter. While your esthetician sets up the facial setting in a room of your choice, you can change into a robe in the privacy and comfortability of your own bathroom.


The Treatment


The treatments themselves are actually quite similar. Both involve calming, soft music and the heavenly, almost indescribable touch of a professional esthetician. The biggest difference between the two types of facials is the familiarity of the environment. If you relax better in a setting that is well-known, an in-home facial is your best fit. But, if you enjoy the experience of being in a new environment, then a spa facial is for you.


The Post-Facial Experience


Possibly the biggest difference between an in-home facial and a spa facial, is the post-facial experience. Whether you live in New York City or San Francisco (the two cities we currently serve) or a more laid-back suburb, bracing pollution and sun immediately after a facial isn’t the best thing for your skin. A facial treatment often removes a layer of dead cells, allowing your skin to better absorb the products you put on top of it, but also making you more susceptible to damage from the sun, pollution, and harsh weather. By receiving your facial treatment in your own home, the results you receive will last longer and the health of your newly revitalized skin will be maintained.


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