Now that fall is about to set in, it’s important to pay attention to your skins needs and behavior changes while keeping the skin nourished during the cooler crisp days ahead. A facial mask is one of the best ways to treat your skin with some TLC. Most importantly who doesn't want to lie there, relax and let these masks do the work for you! When looking for the right mask the most important question to ask is what skin type am I and what parts of my skin need a little bit of extra attention.  Depending on the ingredients, each mask is made to tone, nourish, heal, calm, sooth and draw out impurities. A good face mask is specifically formulated to target different skin issues and can contain many ingredients such as aloe, essential oils, and superfoods like turmeric.  During a professional facial, a facial mask takes place after the esthetician does all the necessary steps such as skin analysis, extraction, exfoliation and facial massage. According to professional estheticians, masks generally stay on your face 10-15 min. Facial masks can treat dry, inflamed, oily or congested skin. So when making a decision on which one to apply, remember that each mask helps maintain your skin in a different way. Here are our 3 favorite masks and benefits:

1. Clay Mask 

This mask helps draw out impurities in the skin and decongest pores. Oily skin types benefit from this mask because it cleanses the skin and pores of excess oil, dirt, and sweat.

2. Cream Mask

This mask is extremely gentle on the skin which is a great benefit to those with sensitive skin. It is made to nourish the skin while removing dead cells, toning, and lifting the skin.

3. Exfoliating Mask

This mask detoxifies, purifies and cleanses the skin. One can benefit from the very refreshing and cooling feeling during the application. This can be used to calm red and inflamed skin by removing dead skin cells and slowing down cell damage.


    One important tip to keep in mind when applying your face mask is to organize your weekly skin regimen from the days you exfoliate to your other extra skin care steps. This can make a huge difference on how your skin reaps the benefits of each particular mask. So when setting up your daily routine for moisturizing, exfoliating, and masking make sure you stay consistent. Happy Masking!


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