5 Tips for Glowing Skin This Fall

Now that the temperature is cooling and the fall season is upon us, we are reminded of the most commonly shared beauty goal: maintaining healthy, glowing skin all year-round. But, of course, seasons pose a major threat to keeping your skin at its best 365. Our major concerns for the fall season? Dry skin, more prominent fine lines and wrinkles, and dullness. 

In order to give you the best skincare guide specific to fall’s particular conditions, we asked our estheticians for their top tips. Here’s what they said to do in order to make your skin goals a reality.

1. Switch to a heavier moisturizer

At this point, you’re probably used to the scorching heat and dripping in sweat, and thus, feeling comfortable with using just a light moisturizer. Your skin produces more oil in the summer, but with fall’s cooler temperatures and lower humidity, your skin will naturally need a much richer moisturizer. Look for ultra-moisturizing ingredients, like squalane oil, found in our Advanced Clarifying Night Treatment, honey, found in our Moisture Retaining Day Lotion, and shea butter.

2. Bring on the antioxidants

Like your first line of defense against pollution and changing weather conditions, antioxidants become especially important in protecting your skin’s natural barrier. Once that protective barrier starts to break down, skin’s collagen levels decrease, causing a loss of firmness and elasticity. Antioxidants, like mushroom extract, vitamin C, and green tea extract, can be found in anything from eye creams to serums. We love our Intense Anti-Aging Serum for its antioxidant-rich formula!

3. Try a silk pillowcase

Compared to regular cotton or polyester pillowcases, which absorb the moisturizing creams applied to skin, silk is much less absorbent, helping your skin maintain its natural moisture. Plus, because your pillow won’t be robbing the skincare products from your face, you’ll save money and reap way more benefits.

4. Get your eight hours

With busy back-to-school season here, getting enough sleep can sometimes feel impossible. But catching some zzz’s is majorly important in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated. Sleep deprivation dehydrates skin, leading to dullness and even breakouts. Have trouble falling or staying asleep? Try lavender! Mist lavender hydrosol on your pillow before hitting the hay, and you’ll be in dreamland in no time.

5. Enjoy fall’s produce

With the autumn season, comes some of the most delicious fruits and vegetables of the year. And they’ll not only make your tastebuds happy, but your skin too! Cranberries, pears, and apples are packed with water to keep skin hydrated and looking healthy. Brussels sprouts and kale are rich in vitamin C, protecting your body and skin from damage by free radicals. Sweet potatoes, beets, and pumpkin are naturally rich in vitamin A, which helps with skin cell regeneration and prevents wrinkles and dark spots. Bring on the pumpkin pie!


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